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The tomato with a unique taste throughout the production period, always sweet and crispy and never watery.


The Sweet and crispy tomato for “full flavoured salads”... An exclusive variety for our customers.


Dorilli mini plum is a unique variety to guarantee the continuity of taste and the identity of the flavour allyearround.

The Company Dorilli

Dorilli is a farm located in the territory of Acate in the province of Ragusa.
Specialized in the growing consistent high quality, full falvoured, tasty tomatoes.
The Company is nine hectares wide and is equipped with the best technologies.


Produced only in our company
We produce tomatoes of the highest quality, authentic and antique taste.
For the protection we use only useful insects and products authorized for the biological cultivations.
The climatic characteristics make the area of Ragusa highly suited to the production of Pomodoro.
We only hire local people and invest in long-term relationships.


A perfect combination of technology and the Sun of Sicily
pomodori Dorilli

Why to choose Dorilli

Sicily Sun

The territory of Ragusa is characterized by a high sun radiation.

High quality

Tomatoes with a unique flavour throughout the production period, always sweet and crispy.

Innovation and technology

We have imported and adapted the technologies for climate control.

Local workforce

98% are Sicilian workers, 80% of whom have been working with us for more than ten years.

Climate control

Greenhouse climate control guarantees the taste, freshness and health of the tomatoes allyearround.

Respect for the environment

We check the useful insects with the launch of predatory insects that are well adapted to the microclimate; we are 100% IPM.

Ethics and participation

We are certified SMETA, one of the strictest ethical certifications in Europe.

specialized work

Training, loyalty and motivation have made it possible to obtain skilled workers.

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