Single Kamarino

Package Box 30x40 3 kg
FRUIT WEIGHT da 10 – 12 gr
Brix > 9

Pride of the Dorilli production, the Kamarino is the cherry tomato with a lively, intense and continuous taste, that embodies the flavour of tradition.

Kamarino inherits its name from the archaeological area of Kamarina, which rises a few steps from the company, in the territory of Ragusa, an area historically suitable for the cultivation of horticultural fruits, for the high brightness and high temperature range. The Kamarino is produced on 9 Ha of land where innovative technologies have been developed that guarantee a high quality production for ten months a year. Is a tomato with a unique taste. Throughout the production period it remains always sweet and crispy, never watery, and maintains an excellent balance of acids and sugars.

The 3 Kg Case is ideal for the small distribution and the most demanding catering.

All range Kamarino